Ibira 510 Ml

Salame Milano is a dry-cured pork salami made in the culinarily rich region of Piacenza. It is made with meat from Italian pigs, specifically from the regions of Emilia Romagna and Lombardia. They use heavy pigs and process the same day. They finely ground the pork meat and mix it with a special blend of spices before slowly aging it for 2 months. This slow process allows the beneficial molds to form and thus cure the product. The casing is then removed before packing. This sausage is mild, sweet, and fragrant with a beautiful balance of meat and fat. It is not overly salty. Our Salame Milano is made by a family-owned business based in Ziano Piacentino that has been operating since 1979. They select the highest quality meat from Italian suppliers and transform it into salumi using traditional methods and slow aging typical of the Piacenza hills.

Product Information

  • Pronunciation:
     sah-LAH-may mee-LAH-no
  • Origin:
    Emilia Romagna, Italy
  • Aging:
     Minimum 2 months
  • Case pack:
  • Tags:
     New Products, Charcuterie, Italian Cured Meats, Mitica® Brand


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